LEU Academic council was formed parallel with the foundation of the university. It was re-formed in 2003. Academic council investigates and gives solutions to the main issues concerning educational methodology, as well as those related to the organization and management of scientific research. Academic council meetings are held at least once every three months.

 The Academic council is the university executive body headed by the university Rector. It regulates and establishes a model status for all the departments, on university Rector’s advice establishes rules and regulations for infrastructure, maintains the overall university discipline, establishes rules due to which academic staff can occupy vacancies through fair competition, and other normative acts to be applied within the university. It also presents the university admission terms in state governmental bodies, designs curricula for different faculties, discusses the most important and perspective university scientific works (the reports of scientific results obtained from scientific research), makes decisions about who will get Law and Economy University after Avetiq Mkrtchyan awards such as “Honorary Doctorate”, “Honorary Head of the department”, “Honoured Professor”, also who will be awarded with university medal and who will be honoured with international titles.

LEU Academic council members
Laura Mkrtchyan (candidate of science in Psychology; assistant professor)
Albert Voskanyan (candidate of science in Technology, assistant professor)
Benik Manukyan (candidate of science in Economy; professor; associate member of the Academy in Humanitarian fields of science)
Hrant Abrahamyan (doctor of History; professor)
Lyudvig Melkumyan (doctor of Biology; professor)
Sashik Hambartsumyan (candidate of science in Psychology; assistant professor)
Babken Vardanyan (candidate of science in Pedagogy; professor)
Sergey Bagratyan (candidate of science in Economy; assistant professor)
Henrik Hovhannisyan (candidate of science in Economy; assistant professor)
Anahit Chobanyan (candidate of science in Biology)  
Kristine Dadyan (candidate of science in Philology; assistant professor)
Vachagan Avagyan (candidate of science in Philology)
Mihran Grigoryan (first class consultant of Justice)
Zhirayr Kharatyan (first class consultant of Justice)
Minna Gurgenyan (senior professor; first class consultant of Justice)
Karine Meliqyan (secretary of academic council)
Harutyun Marzpanyan (doctor of Economy, professor)
Ashot Khoyetsyan (doctor of Geography, professor)