The established scientific-educational close relations during twenty years are vivid examples of collaboration with many international universities and scientific centres. Since its foundation many students from Armenian diaspora have come to study here. Also students from foreign countries have come to get their education in our university. For several years preparatory courses were organized for foreign students.  After completing the courses the students got certificates. Law and Economy University after Avetiq Mkrtchyan has established friendly relationship with Virginia State University, State of Virginia, USA, due to which exchange programs have been organized. Not only have LEU students visited foreign universities and other educational-scientific centres, but also foreign students have visited our university.

Now the university has agreements of cooperation with a range of foreign universities and scientific centres.

Another vivid example of close relationship with foreign institutions is the agreement between our university and Canadian Executive Service Organization in terms of exchanging programs, already held seminars and scientific meetings.

Until now Law and Economy University after Avetiq Mkrtchyan has been involved in different international programs.

The university has a group of people who have started to participate in “Tempus Higher Education Reform” international project.