Our university has twenty years’ history. It was founded in 1990 by academician Avetik Tadevosi Mkrtchyan during the hard and difficult times for our country. After Armenia got independence, LEU became one of the private higher educational institutions that got permission to act as that, and later in 2001 it got state accreditation. During these years the university have faced a lot of challenges and could overcome all the obstacles in its way. The university was among the first to adopt a two-stage (bachelor - master) educational system. Since 2008 the university educational system has been based on credit system, and now it is in its way to improve, and enables students to enjoy quality education similar to that of international educational standards.

Today, after its twenty years of active functioning, the university opens its doors not only to the students but also to pupils in top classes. It is an educational complex with its own building and sufficient space, rich material and technical foundation, well-known and experienced professors, lecturers and teachers. There is also e-library, student council, student academic council, and “Young patriots” club.

The university has all the prerequisites to be integrated into international educational system, simultaneously retaining and developing national values.

We think that education shouldn’t be considered as a business, that is why, we continuously make investments to provide our students with the opportunity to get use of high quality technology. We take this seriously and devote all our time and efforts to creating facilities for our younger generation, as educated young generation is the wealth of the nation and the future of the country.