University has six departments with full- (four years) and part-time (five years) educational system. The departments are the following:

1. Law
2. Finance
3. English language and Literature
4. International Relations
5. Psychology
6. Pedagogy and Language Teaching Methods

2000-2001 academic years became significant as it was the start of transforming to new educational system. To meet the international standards and to provide new and qualified educational system, LEU and other higher educational institutions in Armenia have adopted the two-stage educational system, that is, the university gives students the opportunity to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

It is possible to achieve desirable results only through the integration of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Practical work is considered as one of the most essential components of education in LEU. Those students who want to get their bachelor’s degree are required to take their practical courses in schools, enterprises, state and administrative bodies and organizations. This allows them to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and acquire professional experience.

Students can also get involved in a two-month free of charge foreign language course in parallel with their majors. The foreign languages include English, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish and Persian. After completing the course the students get certificates.

There are also preparatory courses, and students from top classes can take part in them. The course duration is ten months; four subjects are taught – Armenian language, History of Armenia, English and Mathematics.