Student Council

The university has student council that has its own rules, goals and issues. The student council is an important link between the university authorities, lecturers and students. Its goal is to assist and take an active participation in organizing different educational events, getting involved in university activities and realizing students’ projects. Its members’ mission is also to discover potential and creative students and support them to develop and establish themselves as individuals. Student council and some other active students collaborate with youth organizations, participate in meetings, military activities, are always present at public and university events, thus signifying the importance of close relationship with other university students.

 To increase the students’ aesthetic views it is essential that students attend theatrical performances. Even more important are the discussions and debates thereafter. The students also take part in the events organized at the university such as chess competitions held yearly, simulated court cases among universities. Student council organizes tours as well to see Armenian cultural-historical monuments thus emphasizing the significance of educating students to be real Armenians, as well as the importance of preserving spiritual values.

The university life is illustrated in “Usanogh” (“Student”) newspaper. Here you can find the works written by talented students. Due to the active life of the student council the university students participate in almost all events organized in Yerevan such as Erebuni-Yerevan festival. They also volunteer to join other students during days-off to clean the city and make it a pleasant place to live in. Every year, on the 24th of April the university academic staff and the students visit Tsitsernakaberd as a tribute to the victims of Armenian genocide in 1915. The university Rector holds round-table meetings with student council members to discuss the issues related both to the university policy and to the students.